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USCG Tracen's: Tracen Petaluma, Tracen Yorktown, & Tracen Cape May

What is a USCG Tracen?
Tracen is short for the term, Training Center. Therfore, USCG Tracen means a United States Coast Guard Training Center. The CG has 3 main Tracen's throughout the United States. They are located in Yorktown, VA ; Petaluma, CA ; and Cape May, NJ. Training is an extremely intrigual key for the USCG to accomplish its missions with excellent results.

Tracen Petaluma: the below is courtisy of:  (
Nestled in the scenic farmland hills of Northern California is the future of the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard Training Center (TRACEN) Petaluma is much more than the sum of its schools. It's a small town whose residents share a commitment to mission, respect, innovation, and a focus on personal development.

Our graduates are the proud new Chiefs, cooks, medics, storekeepers, yeomen, as well as information technology, electronics, and operations specialists of the U. S. Coast Guard. We offer them the latest equipment and training technology in a peaceful yet professional setting. We have grown to meet real Coast Guard needs, and are poised to expand further with impressive new facilities and enthusiasm. Welcome aboard!

The TRACEN was formerly an Army Communications Station in WWII where secret codes were deciphered. The base has a great history of military service from 1942 to today.

Tracen Yorktown: the below is courtisy of: (
Located in Yorktown, VAOur mission is to improve Coast Guard workforce performance and unit readiness through training, partnership, innovation, and doctrine. We do that with excellent resident training, deployed training teams, distance learning products, and performance support products. Our vision is to support the entire Coast Guard with Anytime, Anywhere, Performance Support. Training Center Yorktown proudly upholds the Coast Guard's motto "Semper Paratus," graduating students "always ready" to meet today's challenges.

Tracen Cape May: the below is courtisy of: (
United States Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, N.J., is the Nation's only Coast Guard Recruit Training Center. The Training Center is open to the family members of the graduating class every Friday from 9:30 a.m., to 1 p.m.
Over 350 military and civilian personnel are attached to Training Center Cape May. Many support services and resources are available to assist members and their families in handling professional and personal challenges. The Coast Guard's future begins here in Cape May, New Jersey. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May is the home of the Coast Guard's enlisted corps -- it is our nation's only Coast Guard enlisted accession point and recruit training center. More than 4,000 of America's finest young men and women arrive for the first chapter of their Coast Guard career - bootcamp. Our mission is to transform America's civilian volunteers into military members of the United Stated Coast Guard. At Training Center Cape May, we are guided by the Coast Guard's core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty. Through the Guardian Ethos, we live by the watch words of
commitment, courage and character; a commitment to a continual improvement, displaying extraordinary courage to serve, and the highest traits of character.

In addition to "boot camp," we host four other training programs. These include Recruiter School, Company Commander School, Reserve Enlisted Basic Indoctrination, and the Prior Service Training Program. We also serve as a support center, providing services to 14 tenant/collocated units including a Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic located onboard the Training Center.

Whether you are visiting us as a potential student or recruit, a member of the Coast Guard family or as a welcome guest, I hope that you find whatever information you may need.

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